CLOSENUF, NY's Premier Singer/Songwriter Rock Band,
on the Wreckords Records Label!

Wreckords Records is proud to announce the 2009/2013 release of CLOSENUF's Latest Album: " a new beginning." CLOSENUF, NY's Premier Singer/Songwriter Rock Band since 2001, brings together fresh modern sounds influenced by the masters of classic rock to create a body of work which will stand the test of time. The 18 track fully digitally mixed all original (lyrics included) release was guided in the studio by Steve "Woody" La Cerra, editor of EQ Magazine & soundman for "Blue Oyster Cult." Also Includes Bonus Tracks - Alternate Mixes With Special Guest Players & Producers! Get your copy now! Musical Perfection? CLOSENUF!!

1) The Truth Is Me (or God Speaks To Man) (3:53)
2) Music Man (The Barlotta Mix) (3:01) * DOWNLOAD FREE *
3) Alive Forever (The Jerome Mix) (3:50) * DOWNLOAD FREE *
4) The Tag (3:22)
5) Airline Bags & Luggage Tags (4:17)
6) Close Enough (3:02) * DOWNLOAD FREE *
7) Prose Noir (Intro) (0:59)
8) At Night (The La Cerra Mix) (3:47) * DOWNLOAD FREE *
9) Universe (Intro) (1:16) * DOWNLOAD FREE *
10) The World Is Crying (2:46) * DOWNLOAD FREE *
11) Fertile Green (6:03) * DOWNLOAD FREE *
12) She's Leaving (4:23)
13) In The Eyes Of The Rose (The Jerome Mix) (5:02) * DOWNLOAD FREE *
14) Buy The Boat (4:21) * DOWNLOAD FREE *
15) Music Man (The La Cerra Mix) - CD Bonus Track * DOWNLOAD FREE *
16) Alive Forever (The La Cerra Mix) - CD Bonus Track
17) At Night (The Pitrelli Mix) - CD Bonus Track
18) In The Eyes Of The Rose (The La Cerra Mix) - CD Bonus Track

June 2012 - CLOSENUF releases a "Cyber Exclusive" EP " our Universe" featuring the original mix of "In The Eyes Of The Rose;" their blues tribute "Fertile Green" which spun as a single in Macedonia; the rockabilly smash "Buy The Boat" that CT's Netshows TV included in their national compilation series CD release, & the Maxi-single remix: "In Our Universe, The World Is Crying," featuring the original keyboard intro in its entirety played by Anthony J. Foti in one complete track!
September 2007 - CLOSENUF Music appears on Octobertunes TIFF (Pre-Cleared Music) TV & Movie Soundtrack Sampler Compilation #3 in conjunction with their ongoing solicitation for TV & movie usage of CLOSENUF material. Not available for public sale (Used with permission).
June 2007 - CLOSENUF Music appears on Netshows TV Soundtrack Unique Series Program Compilation #11 in conjunction with CLOSENUF's appearance on The Media Factory Show as part of their full publicity rollout. Please see Netshows link in our Links Section for more (Used with permission).

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CLOSENUF to Cyber-space!


"As the publishing department of Wreckords Records puts it: CLOSENUF, NY's premier Singer/Songwriter Rock Band since 2001, brings together fresh modern sounds influenced by the masters of classic rock to create a body of work which will stand the test of time. This limited edition special 4 track EP is their first "cyber exclusive" release downloadable through the web at cdBaby, itunes, Amazon, etc. The project is the brainchild of Brooklyn Singer/Songwriter Anthony J. Foti, whose portfolio consists of Pop/Rock music which is a fusion of nostalgia and originality with a late ‘60s to early ‘70s inspired Singer/Songwriter Rock Band vision, possessing catchy melodies, tight musicianship, & mature arrangements; all to bring the listener to be moved on an artful musical level. It features the original mix of the fan favorite "In The Eyes Of The Rose;" their blues tribute "Fertile Green" which spun as a surprise single in Macedonia, Europe; the rockabilly smash "Buy The Boat" that Connecticut's Netshows TV program included in their national compilation series CD release, and the Maxi-single remix: "In Our Universe, The World Is Crying," featuring the original keyboard intro in its entirety played by Anthony in one complete track! This album is for those who always look for something new and exciting, or haven't found an album worth buying in years. Your wait is over! The world may never be the same now that they are " our universe!"

CLOSENUF to Video!

"MUSIC MAN" Classic Video
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Wreckords Records proudly presents for November 2010, for the first time in digital format, the release of CLOSENUF & Anthony J. Foti's first music video "MUSIC MAN (The Barlotta Mix)" as it originally appeared on Anthony's 1996 solo EP "Fourword." Filmed entirely on location in Brooklyn, NY (Direction, Concept & Editing: Anthony J. Foti, Cinematography: Frederick D. Foti & Anthony J. Foti), the video was originally produced & mixed by Nationwide Digital/Channel 500 Studios, Staten Island, NY, an audio & video firm whose clients at the time extended the pop culture spectrum from the SugarHill Gang to the Prudential Insurance Company. The version of the song sound-tracked for the video was produced by John Abbott (Dionne Warwick) & Steve Jerome (The Left Banke) & guest stars saxophonist 'Screamin' Steve Barlotta (Gary U.S. Bonds). On 7/15/99, this saxophone version won Honorable Mention in the 9th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest. The video now in this latest Digital Format was mastered at Falletta/Olsen Studios, Brooklyn, NY with Digital Mastering & Editing by graphic artist Wayne Olsen, whose previous video production for CLOSENUF led to Video Nominations in 2006 for a DigiFestival Absolute Winner Award (Milan, Italy) & an IMMIE (Independent Music Award) for Best Indie Music Video of the Year (Philadelphia, PA). Lastly, & most importantly the video guest stars in his cinematic debut, Misha Foti (the Blue Point Himalayan Feline in whose memory this work will always be graciously dedicated), as we get CLOSENUF to Video!


CLOSENUF’s Anthony J. Foti Has Compositions Released By International Evangelist Children’s Company:

“On 12/1/15, Loveable Lola, LLC, the Bklyn, NY company which creates & markets cartoon doggie characters that spread positive inspirational messages & releases children’s music through its record label, King’s Daughters Records, has acquired multiple compositions & published them as part of their 2015 album & video releases “Loveable Lola – Songs To Love.” Foti is credited for penning half the album, as well as a Christmas single, in addition to lending vocal, percussion, production, arrangement, video editing & package design duties. The company is part of a 501(c)(3) where sales are scheduled for charitable endeavors, & Foti is taking no proceeds for his works.”

CLOSENUF Chosen To Appear In Independent Music Film Documentary:

"On 12/7/13, CLOSENUF was chosen to appear in the Independent Music Film Documentary: "Universal MusiCARE: The Music Therapy Experience," both in live performance & interview form. The film is being released by Terra Rising Records (the organization known for its capital raising ventures for Healing Through Musical Therapy) & directed by its CEO, Michael Ricucci, who commenced a 4 month US/Canada Tour of independent artists to film the feature length documentary, which through the hearts & minds of indie artists from many fields & stages in their careers, details the power of music to heal & connect. Post production will wind down fall of 2014 for release to the Indie Film Circuit early 2015."

CLOSENUF Nominated for a 2013 LadyLake Indie Music Award:

"On 11/15/13, CLOSENUF was nominated for a 2013 LadyLake Indie Music Award for Best Independent Music Artist of the Year! LadyLake Music, one of the USA & UK’s most respected music publicity firms since 2006, presents their Annual Indie Awards Competition highlighting outstanding accomplishment & excellent achievement in independent music.”

CLOSENUF performs at The St. Jude Children's Hospital Fundraiser:

"On 9/29/13, CLOSENUF was chosen to perform at The St. Jude Children's Hospital Fundraiser. The 6th Annual event is run by The Omerta Motorcycle Club of Brooklyn, NY to raise capital for the facility internationally known for their strides in research to find cures for ailments in terminal children."

CLOSENUF performs at The Audrey Friedson Benefit Fundraiser:

"On 5/5/13, CLOSENUF was chosen to perform at The Audrey Friedson Benefit Fundraiser. The event was created to assist a family of a senior accident victim which has resulted in her quadriplegia and required great capital for her medevac transport home."

CLOSENUF chosen to perform at The SPC Bryan Dilberian Fundraiser:

"On 11/3/12, CLOSENUF was chosen to perform at The SPC Bryan Dilberian Fundraiser.  The event was held to raise capital to build SPC Bryan Dilberian (decorated US Army Iraqi-War Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient & triple amputee) a "Smart Home" equipped for his current needs & a suitable tribute for his bravery & heroism."

CLOSENUF appears on Blog Talk Radio with Roman Midnight Music:

"On 10/22/10, the leader of CLOSENUF, Anthony J. Foti is featured in his own 1 Hour Special focusing on his 25 year career, the 15th anniversary of Wreckords Records, & his involvement in an upcoming publication of the biography of legendary rock guitarist Al Pitrelli who has appeared on Anthony's albums. The show is a bi-weekly broadcast of interviews & reviews of unique & interesting hard rock post-1980 mainstream & upcoming artists via discussion & music clips."

CLOSENUF Receives International European Airplay:

“On 12/10/09, MOJO ALT 94.1 FM Radio, Skopje, Macedonia, adds CLOSENUF’s compositions “The Truth Is Me” & “Fertile Green” to their regular rotation to positive reviews.”

CLOSENUF Chosen Semi-Finalists in the 2008 Northeast Independent Music World Series:

"On 7/23/08, CLOSENUF was chosen as Semi-Finalists in the Discmakers, TAXI & Billboard Magazine sponsored Northeast Independent Music World Series Competition whose finals award a Grand Prize package worth $50,000 & additional prizes totaling $12,500. Entries are judged on Songwriting, Overall Vibe, Vocal/Lead Instrument Performance, Musical Performance, & Originality. TAXI screens thousands of applicants, to select 100 Semi-Finalists. These Semi-Finalists are sent to the offices of Billboard to choose 6 acts for Finals showcasing or inclusion on a compilation CD, as well as prizes including industry discount packages and publications. This is the band's second appearance in this competition at this level!"

CLOSENUF Chosen To Play The Sounds of Summer Concert Series:

“On 6/30/08, CLOSENUF has been chosen to perform an outdoor full length Concert in the Park as part of The Sounds of Summer Concert Series co-sponsored by The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, The College of Staten Island, and WSIA 88.9 FM Radio.”

CLOSENUF Plays Woodstock as They RockCanRoll for Food:

"On 5/26/08, Wreckords Records proudly announced its co-sponsorship with RockCanRoll (a hunger relief organization collaborating with rock concerts to collect canned and non-perishable food for local food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters) and The Woodstock Trading Company (a popular east coast Rock and Roll Memorabilia Store) to launch an outdoor full length CLOSENUF Concert to benefit local agencies that assist families who live with hunger or in poverty. The event will take place on The Woodstock Trading Company's Great Lawn, 1880 Route 70, Cherry Hill, NJ on July 19th, 2008. Attendees were asked to bring a can or non-perishable food product as CLOSENUF plays for food as they RockCanRoll Woodstock!"

CLOSENUF Chosen to Play the Make Music New York Festival:

"On 4/1/08, Wreckords Records is proud to announce CLOSENUF's participation in The 2008 Make Music New York Festival co-sponsored by The Make Music New York Committee, Time Out New York Magazine, The Brooklyn Arts Council, The Juilliard School of Music, and more - which is a live, free musical celebration across New York City which takes place each year on the first day of summer based on France's Fete de la Musique, a 25 yr old tradition, now an international phenomenon, being celebrated on the same day in more than 300 cities in 108 countries, including Germany, Italy, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Australia, Vietnam, Congo, Cameroon, Togo, Columbia, Chile, Mongolia, and Japan.– Update - CLOSENUF has been fortunate enough to return for their 2014 & 2015 events too."

CLOSENUF Co-Sponsors Brooklyn Cutest Kid Contest:

"On 4/1/08, CLOSENUF proudly co-sponsored (along with Prudential Insurance Co, and more) The 2008 Bay Currents - YourNews Cutest Kid Contest where families of children 2-10 years old from Brooklyn, NY have a chance to win placement on the cover of The Bay Currents Newspaper, appearance in The Bay Currents Edition of, as well as receiving numerous prizes, including the coolest gift basket of CLOSENUF Souvenirs & Collectables!"

CLOSENUF's Compositions Chosen as Score for Movie Soundtrack:

"On 1/31/08, Wreckords Records signed rights & clearances for usage of various CLOSENUF compositions from their Album for the Soundtrack Score, in the Spring 2008 Independent Film Festival Documentary Entry: "American Pop Culture: Going Against the Grain." The work is being Produced & Directed by Brian Barry, & includes Interviews with: Producer George E. Nahas, the founding Members of "Sha Na Na," as well as other Industry Professionals discussing actor Timothy A. Carey, & rocker Frank Zappa, to educate on how music & cinema interplayed with & affected the changing times."

CLOSENUF performs Charity Benefit Concert to help local organ transplant girl:

"On 11/3/07, Wreckords Records & The Rockin'-For-Kristin Committee co-sponsored a CLOSENUF headlined evening to benefit 20 yr old Kristin Molini, of Bklyn, NY, suffering from paralysis of the digestive system, & waiting on the organ donor transplant list for several organs. The event was deemed a success with the involvement of 33 local businesses donating food, & prizes netting anticipated proceeds surpassing $10,000 & the signing of 30 new organ donors (a NYS increase of 9% in just one event)."

CLOSENUF performs at The 2007 Concert For Care:

"On 9/28/07, CLOSENUF was chosen to perform at The 2007 Concert For Care. Held each year as a not for profit fundraiser for a deserving recipient from Long Island, NY; a few thousand was raised to benefit Melanie Solis, a 12 year old suffering from Cerebral Palsy."

CLOSENUF signs Rights & Clearances to solicit tunes for Film and TV usage:

"On 8/28/07, Wreckords Records Inc. signed with the Music Licensing Company - Octobertunes, a division of RCD Music Ltd (Toronto, Canada) for future usage of CLOSENUF's catalog in television, film, advertising and gaming. Octobertunes has placed many tracks on television, including the long-running series' "Dawson's Creek" and "Party of Five."

CLOSENUF asked to perform in the 2007 M.E.A.N.Y. Fest Competition:

"On 7/2/07, CLOSENUF has been chosen by the Musicians & Emerging Artists New York Committee to perform in the NYC competition of M.E.A.N.Y. Fest 2007 to be judged for advancement to additional rounds and prizes including hours of recording studio time, radio appearance and airplay packages, introductions to A & R reps and even TV appearances."

CLOSENUF chosen to perform in The 14th Annual Long Island Music Festival:

"On 5/25/07, Good Times Magazine has chosen CLOSENUF to perform in The 14th Annual Long Island Music Festival in June 2007 where for 4 days, over 30 venues, 90 bands compete for cash and prizes."

CLOSENUF appears on The Media Factory Show on PATV:

"On 3/12/07, members of CLOSENUF were interviewed for The Media Factory Show on PATV, Ch. 15 in Enfield, CT for a show to be aired in June 2007. The alternative and underground music show is seen in 11 cities in CT and has been airing their music video since first quarter 2007."

CLOSENUF chosen to perform at the 2007 Goodstock Festival in Summersville, WV:

"On 2/10/07, Goodstock LLC has chosen CLOSENUF to appear in the 2007 Goodstock Festival in Summersville, WV, in July 2007, a 3 day festival of peace, love and music, and a national event promoted by original Woodstock promoter, Artie Kornfeld."

CLOSENUF asked to perform in the OS National Band Search Series:

"On 12/4/06, CLOSENUF has been chosen by the FMFB Coalition to perform in the Original Sessions National Band Search Series in NYC to be judged for advancement to additional rounds and prizes including Major and Indie label A & R showcases, professional music video and audio production deals and even appearances in Indie films (competing for 3 rounds)."

CLOSENUF Music Receives U.S. National Coast To Coast CHR/POP & AAA Radio Airplay:

"On 11/1/06, Wreckords Records & Pic Hitz Entertainment jointly released CLOSENUF music for U.S. National CHR/Pop (Contemporary Hit Radio) & AAA (Adult Album Alternative) airplay to radio stations coast to coast, with 3rd quarter 2006 and 1st quarter 2007 airplay resulting across New Mexico, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia!"

CLOSENUF appears on The Dr. Lou's House of Blues Radio Show:

"On 9/2/06, members of CLOSENUF appear on Philadelphia Radio on The Dr. Lou's House of Blues Radio Show on WNJC 1360 AM featuring their IMMIE nominated single."

CLOSENUF Nominated for a 2006 DigiFestival Award:

"On 8/17/06, The DigiFestival Committee has nominated CLOSENUF (Wayne Olsen - Director) for an Absolute Winner 2006 Edition Award for their music video ranking 7 th overall in International Voting (in the top 6%)."

CLOSENUF Nominated for a 2006 IMMIE Award:

"On 7/27/06, The Independent Music Conference Committee has nominated CLOSENUF (Wayne Olsen - Director) for the 2006 IMMIE Award (Independent Music Award) for Best Indie Music Video of the Year. "

CLOSENUF's Music Video to Spin on ANTV, North Coast & Nextposure:

"On 5/9/06, CLOSENUF signed clearances to allow Adrenaline Nation TV out of Holiday, FL to add their video to their current rotation. This add shortly followed clearances also requested for the video to air on Nextposure out of Vancouver, Canada & North Coast Stars Video Magazine out of Cleveland, OH."

CLOSENUF plays to benefit Katrina victims:

"On 9/18/05, CLOSENUF dedicates their annual all day Sunset Park 5th Avenue Festival, Brooklyn, NY appearance collecting continual and plentiful donations to the Red Cross for the victims of the Katrina Hurricane that ravished the Southeast region of the U.S. a few weeks before."'s August 2005 Reviewer Awards granted to CLOSENUF:

"Best Keyboards in Modern Rock Category, week of August 29th, 2005;
Best Beat in Modern Rock Category, week of August 22nd, 2005;
Best Drums in Modern Rock Category, week of August 22nd, 2005;
Best Keyboards in Modern Rock Category, week of August 22nd, 2005."

CLOSENUF appears on The Joey Reynolds Show on WWOR National Radio:

"On 5/31/05 & again on 12/14/05, CLOSENUF appeared on The Joey Reynolds Show on New York's WWOR Radio 710AM. The nationally syndicated Rock & Roll Hall of Fame DJ interviewed them twice for their album release, and Grammy Pre-Nomination, respectively."

Aaron Joy, Music Critic for Roman Midnight Music's December 12th, 2011 Review focusing specifically on the Original Mixes of tunes represented with additional alternate mixes on their latest Album:

"'Music Man' (The Barlotta Mix) is an upbeat pop tune that sounds like an opening to an 80's movie with its poppy bass line, keyboards & horns courtesy of Screamin' Steve of Gary U.S. Bonds. One can see Tom Hanks walking down a crowded street with "Music Man" playing over the falling titles & setting the stage to be faded out by a predictable dash of dialogue between Hanks & an inconspicuous street vender. This is not to say that the song sounds like it came out of the 80's, as it actually sounds like something that is just as much influenced by Motown, but is incredibly visual as it is "traveling the road from a smokehouse to a bar." "Alive Forever" (The Jerome Mix) is an old-fashioned heartfelt love song with rhythmic piano that comes out of the Neil Diamond or Boz Skaggs catalog that's not about sex or raunchiness but the old fashioned heart tug. "In The Eyes Of The Rose" (The Jerome Mix) became a surprise single in the Anthony J. Foti catalog after being debuted live early in his career & receiving a teary-eyed response. At the last minute it was tagged onto his releases with guest guitar by Jim Messina Band's Jeff Munzert & co-produced by Steve Jerome of Neil Diamond & Simon & Garfunkel fame & John Abbott who worked with Dionne Warwick. It's a hauntingly soft piece of acoustic guitars against a synthesizer in typical Foti fashion, but featuring probably some of his best singing on record. He can sing the pop tunes, but it's this slow contemplative moment that allows him more vocal control & thus expression. "At Night" (The Pitrelli Mix) is a hidden powerhouse & one might even say collector's item. It features on rhythm guitar & lead guitar in one of the best solos of his career Asia/Megadeth/Trans-Siberian Orchestra guitarist Al Pitrelli rocking out against a seemingly simple acoustic folk tune. Pitrelli has also gone on to call it one of his favorite recordings. He's never sounded so relaxed. It also features drummer Vinny Conigliaro of Joe Lynn Turner & Joe Satriani & was produced by Dave Greenberg who co-produced with original Foreigner keyboardist Al Greenwood & later worked with Method Man. These 4 song versions lifted from the now out of print Anthony J. Foti's solo EP Fourword are all included by CLOSENUF on their 2009 compilation " a new beginning." Hunt up the latest release & enjoy both these original versions & harder rocking new versions by the band, plus a whole lot of other great tunes by Anthony J. Foti, CLOSENUF & friends."

Mike SOS, Music Critic for Americore, Skratch, Crusher & Ear Candy Magazines' February 28th, 2011 Review of their latest Album:

"CLOSENUF is a Brooklyn, NY based unit with a wealth of musical experience that shines through on their 18-track endeavor ...TO A NEW BEGINNING. Led by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Anthony J. Foti, this troupe maintains a balance between 70's soft rock and pristine pop a la Jackson Browne and Billy Joel with a slew of tasty nuances strewn in like the bluesy romp "Fertile Green" making everything go down smooth ("She's Leaving"). Interestingly including remixes of certain songs that really showcase each chosen song in a different light (most notably "At Night" as remixed by Al Pitrelli), CLOSENUF portrays the confidence to be able to alter their songs without recourse. Taking it back to the roots, CLOSENUF celebrates their new beginning by exhibiting a comprehensive lesson in the rudiments of rock 'n roll. [Album given 3 Lightning Bolts on their rating system for "Moments of Brilliance."]."

Vasja Ivanovski, Music Director of MOJO ALT 94.1 FM Radio, Skopje, Macedonia, polling his audience on December 10th, 2009, while Spinning CLOSENUF Tracks:

"I heard some nice comments including.Great sounding band that deserves attention for its original material, tight production, and fine performance."

Helen Rosenbaum, Rock Music Author of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones & The Elvis Presley Trivia Quiz Books for Signet Publishing's October 18 th 2009 Quick Highlight Review of their Album:

"A rockin' good time!...Pure Brooklyn bliss - and beyond!...Ready for prime time rockers!...They've nailed it - rock, stock and barrel!"

StarPolish's Critic's Corner's February 2008 Review of their Album:

"Hailing from Brooklyn, NY - CLOSENUF is a 5 piece pop rock band, with a singer-songwriter mentality. They're album on Brooklyn's Wreckords Records features original compositions that showcase classic rock influences. All the members of this act cut their teeth fronting their own bands, and the instrumental sections of the songs are strong and tight. In today's ever shifting trendy music scene, it's a relief to hear songs that aren't trying to be "Indie" or whatever the next buzzword is, but just focus on being concise melodic tunes."

Brian Barry, Film Director & Producer's January 30th, 2008 Statement on Choosing CLOSENUF's Material for His Project:

"CLOSENUF is cutting edge when it comes to describing Rock N' Roll. The Brooklyn-based band has continued to make headlines for their charitable work & for their amazing sounds & style. They have brought back the meaning of grass roots work using music & in my book should stand alone at the top of the charts. I have chosen CLOSENUF to produce the soundtrack to my newest documentary film: "American Pop Culture: Going Against the Grain," because their current avant-garde style of blending multiple genres of music actually helped to define the mood of American Culture during the height of the late 50's & early to mid-60's. The band members are an amazing group of musicians who I am proud to call friends."

SongTiger's June 24th , 2007 Staff Review of their Album:

"Universe" opens with all the mystery of Van Halen's "1984," and has these swirling keyboards that prepare you for something. You expect something grand. "Music Man," has a '60s feel to it. The melodies are catchy. The Rhodes reminds me of "Riders on the Storm." The background vocals are well placed and sound good. This album has a definite classic rock feel. I hear Bowie, The Who, and Tom Petty. There are some good instrumental hooks and solos. I think these guys have potential. This is a valiant effort."

Good Times Magazine's June 19th, 2007 Review of the Live Cover & Originals Show:

"Prepared with a set list to challenge any music lover's knowledge of classic rock, Brooklyn-based CLOSENUF took the stage at the newly renovated South Shore Club (D.J. Rider's Rhythm & Brews, Oceanside, NY). Quenching the audience's fever, the rockers opened with some well-placed cowbell, harnessing the southern rock feel of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gimme Three Steps." The band's sets were mostly made up of covers (as the club dictated), but a handful of original songs were scattered throughout the evening; one track off their album included "The World Is Crying," which had a roadhouse-blues feel and strives for social consciousness and political awareness in its lyrics, as well as "At Night," a well-crafted song with wailing keyboards and a raw rock and roll sound. The original songs were overshadowed in number by covers, and one that stood out, and was possibly closest to the original, was The Animals' "House Of The Rising Sun," with church quaking keyboards and low, rumbling lead vocals that momentarily turned the bar into a gritty, soulful house of blues. Musically, all the covers were executed with expertise capturing the spirit of each original artist; CLOSENUF managed perfect carbon copies of each song. Hits by Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, The Cars, and Tom Petty, among others, all seemed to please the intimately gathered crowd at D.J. Rider's. CLOSENUF proved that their musical prowess is nothing short of perfect, however, the evening's set would have been better had it included more original songs, by far the most interesting material played all night."

InterMixx Magazine's January 2007 Review of their Album:

"I can hear years of experience in the performance of this band. The songs possess catchy melodies, tight musicianship, & mature arrangements. All the while there are some real, heartfelt, universal messages of love, loss, & heartbreak. The instrumental "Universe" takes you onto a trip of what a digital keyboard has to offer. An organ/guitar dual intro leads into the energetic "Music Man" which borrows from Paul Simon - CLOSENUF are ostensibly "music men" if they borrow from the best. "Alive Forever" explores a little less anxious tempo, giving us the perfect cross-country driving song. There is nobility in the melody, giving us the flatted 6th in the G major key. This can positively raise the sense of invincibility, as the song title explains..."Alive Forever." The pulsing, again "Cure-ish" drum intro of "The World Is Crying" provides the perfect segue way from one rocker into another. "The World Is Crying" takes a darker look at the problems with the world. The spooky rocker "At Night" reminds me of a stalker on a rainy night...waiting, watching, scheming. "In the Eyes of the Rose" gives a colorful comparison of love to the life of a rose. It is the obvious ballad on the disc, but doesn't get too sappy or sweet. "Buy the Boat" is a mixed tempo/mixed feel that marries a '60s kinda "pop" feel in the choruses & counterbalances the verses out with a slower, "Journey-ish" feel. Until the end of the song cleverly switches it around. But wait! The exit is back up to the high pop energy. CLOSENUF doesn't leave you on a downer. Don't wait to get this CD! (3 J J J Smileys out of a possible 5)."

20th Century Guitar Magazine's January 2006 Review of their Album:

"One of the finest pop-rock bands to come out of Brooklyn and Long Island in recent memory, CLOSENUF releases their CDs on their own Wreckords Records imprint. Blessed with a convincing lead singer in Anthony J. Foti, the five-piece lineup spotlights guitars and keyboards. Musically, Foti & company excel in a hard rocking, wide screen, early '60s-inspired vision of a sound Phil Spector would, no doubt, have approved of. Reminiscent of The Cars, with a retro touch of The Ramones and Velvet Underground, the CLOSENUF album is well recorded and rocks on an artful musical level."

Steve Jerome, Award winning producer and recording engineer's August 16th, 2005 Review of their Album:

"First off, I have to state that this band is very, very good and their potential level is very high. When asked who they remind me of, all I can say is that they have their own sound, and when I hear a band with an original sound, the record companies and public will seek them out. I can't say how much I love this album. I give "Alive Forever" a 10 [out of 10] for hit potential. Don't ask me why, in my gut I just know. "In the Eyes of the Rose" gets a 9 and is also an absolute hit, as well as my favorite song on the album! "Buy the Boat" gets a 10 being a very, very solidly good cut - catchy to the point where people just can't turn away, and the group's versatility is shown and the range of their repertoire comes shining through. Something you just don't find with today's bands. Their musicianship is excellent overall, and the album is recorded very well - I only wish I could have been in on a project like this. In my personal opinion, once this work gets to the airwaves, it makes a statement to the listeners of the group's potential which makes one look forward to their next release."

Mike SOS, Music Critic for Americore, Skratch, Crusher & Ear Candy Magazines' July 30th, 2005 Review of their Album:

"CLOSENUF is a NYC outfit whose middle of the road approach to rock is suitable for all ages, based on the outfit's disc. Sounding like a cross between Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Billy Joel, and Grand Funk Railroad, this quintet's pristine sound and stellar performances shine on tracks like the hypnotic "At Night." Aimed with a lighter approach, and armed with accomplished musicians whose musical prowess harkens back to the days of the soft rock of the '70s, CLOSENUF is a band that you and your older relatives would probably agree on. [Album given 3 Lightning Bolts on their rating system for "Moments of Brilliance."]."

Chuck Eddy, Music Critic for the Village Voice's June 1st, 2005 Quick Highlight Review of their Album:

"Jazz-and-blues-skirting rock from Brooklyn, with shades of Steely Dan, Dire Straits, Scorpions, Ambrosia, Kenny Loggins, Huey Lewis. One dedicated to Elvis and Eddie Cochran.  Liner note: 'Remember, say no to drugs always!'"

Brooklyn College Kingsman's May 16th, 2005 Review of their Album:

"Sweet, simple and electric, CLOSENUF is a mixture of rock 'n roll, shredding guitar solos, and Billy Joel-esque piano compositions that fuses together Americana nostalgia and showtune melodies. On "Music Man," the classic rock rhythms that have influenced the band are immediately drawn out; with a sweet melody, an intoxicating charm and a synthesizing sound, "Music Man" is a mutation of 1960's California rock and Southern soul. CLOSENUF has also dedicated a song on the album, "Buy the Boat," to rockers Elvis Presley and Eddie Cochran. Be it the style, the lyrics, or the whole ambience of the song, "Buy the Boat" is a Southern rock gem with sliding guitars and rock-a-billy influences that will be sure to make you shake your hips. There is a chorus of harmonizing vocals, a catchy rhythm, and a vibrant, rich melody. It's fast paced, upbeat, and the most rockin' of all the songs."


Anthony J. Foti's work:

"Semi-finalist in the Northeast Independent Music World Series." - Disc Makers & TAXI 9/04

"Winner - Honorable Mention - for 'Music Man (The Barlotta Mix)' in the 9th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest." - Billboard Magazine 7/99 (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ACTUAL AWARD SCAN)

"The single, 'In the Eyes of the Rose,' receives U.S. National Airplay as several radio stations (MO, WY, KY, GA, SD, TX) add to Top 40 play list rotation." - The Gavin Report 9/94

"Granted 3 out of 5 stars overall at The Big Noise Song Slam Live Performance Showcase." - Sony A & R Executives 8/98

"Authored Children's Songs purchased by International Toy Company for inclusion in their product line." - Loveable Lola, LLC 12/13

"[His] voice is quite powerful; there's a lot of talent there, and [he's] got a good thing going." - Ari Nisman, Degy Entertainment 10/04

"Pleasant male vox, and well arranged tracks. Very strong melodic presence, very good production." - The Musician's Exchange 7/96

"Highly skilled songwriting ability. *** 1/2" - The Musician's Exchange/Music Paper 12/94

"'At Night' was the best song on his first album!" - Al Pitrelli, guitarist for Asia & Alice Cooper 9/94

"Big things will come from him!" - Steve Jerome, Nationwide Digital Studios (with John Abbott) 9/94

"To me, [he's] the next Jackson Browne." - Eve Nelson, Entertainment Attorney 7/94

"It is a pleasure to work with such a professional." - Dave Greenberg, Green Machine Productions (with Al Greenwood) 6/94

"For the Starlight Concert Series, a highly energetic and crowd pleasing performance."
- Staten Island Advance 8/93

"He's got what it takes." - Hannah Hall (Pace University) and Rick Stone (Jazzand Records) 6/89

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For all other CLOSENUF souvenirs: a new beginning - Album - Credits:

They are CLOSENUF:
Anthony J. Foti ­ Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Percussion, Keyboards, Composition & Production
Ron Pitkin - Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
& Backing Vocals
Tony Napp - Bass Guitars & Backing Vocals
Joe Nielsen - Drums & Percussion
Peter G. Paszti - Keyboards & Electronics

They will always be CLOSENUF:
Adam Vicelich­: Keyboards & Backing Vocals
(Tracks 7,8,10,14-16,18)
Henry McDonagh III: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals (Tracks 8,10,14-16,18)
Trey Roper: Drums & Percussion
(Tracks 8,10,14-16,18)
Eric Blackwood: Acoustic Guitars
& Backing Vocals (Track 17)
Mike Marchetta: Electric Guitar (Track 13)
Brian Christian Giarraffa: Keyboards
(Tracks 13,17)
Joe Giarraffa: Drums & Percussion (Track 13)
Mike Hoffman: Bass Guitar (Track 17)
Russ Morisi: Bass Guitar (Track 13)
Mike DeLuca: Keyboards, Electric,
Acoustic & Bass Guitars & Backing Vocals
(Tracks 2,3)
Robert C. Kelly: Drums & Percussion (Tracks 2,3)
Keith Ringo: Harmonica (Track 13)
Steve Goodman: Backing Vocals (Track 17)
Richie Levoi: Keyboards (Track 6)
Robert Randazzo: Saxophone (Track 11)
Phyllis Falletta: Coloratura Soprano (Track 1)
Dave Greenberg: Backing Vocals (Track 17)
Jeff Munzert: Acoustic Guitar (Track 13)
Vinny Conigliaro: Drums & Percussion (Track 17)
'Screamin' Steve Barlotta: Saxophone (Track 2)
Al Pitrelli: Electric Guitars (Track 17)

All Words & Music by Anthony J. Foti
(except where musical collaborators noted )

Steve 'Woody' La Cerra
(Tracks 1,4-8,10-12,14-16,18),
Steve Jerome & John Abbott (Tracks 2,3,13),
David Greenberg, Al Greenwood & Eric Blackwood (Track 17), Anthony J. Foti (All Tracks),
Adam Vicelich (Tracks 7,8,10,14-16,18),
Mike Deluca (Tracks 2,3), Mike Ferrara (Track 9)
& Frederick D. Foti (Track 13)
Additional Engineers: Mark Passy & Augie Ciulla (Track 13), Stephen Rajkumar & John Besser (Tracks 2,3), Ed Modzel, Steve Goodman
& John DeLarosa (Track 17)
Additional Arrangement: Janice Foti (Tracks 3,14,16), Richie Levoi (Tracks 1,4-6,12),
Eddie Teachout (Track 1), Henry McDonagh III, Adam Vicelich & Trey Roper (Tracks 1,6,11)
Additional Mastering: Scott Hull, Masterdisk, NYC (Track 17); Dave Moyssiadis, Disc Makers, NJ (Tracks 2,3,13), Steve La Cerra, The Wood Shop, Bklyn, NY (Tracks 2,3,13,17) & Ernest Buckley,
The Music Room, Bklyn, NY (Tracks 7-10,14-16,18)
Recorded at: The Wood Shop, Bklyn, NY
(Tracks 1,4-6,8,10-12,14-16,18),
Nationwide Digital Studios, SI, NY (Tracks 2,3,13), Rockin' Reel Studios, East Northport, NY
(Track 17), Grandma's House, Bklyn, NY
(Tracks 7,8,10,14-16,18),
The Music Room, Bklyn, NY (Tracks 8,10,14-16,18) & Fastlane Studios, Bklyn, NY (Track 9)

Art Direction & Design: Wayne Olsen,
Falletta/Olsen Studios, Bklyn, NY
Photography & Package Concept: Anthony J. Foti Cover Photography:
John Maier & Rosita Chan-Vicelich
Album Package Reproduction: Village Digital, NY, NY (Hortencio Gomes - Proprietor)
(Remember, say no to drugs always!)

CLOSENUF wishes to thank:
Our Almighty Creator through whom all things are possible, our dear families, friends & fans
"The CLOSENUF Corps."  And of course to all the great participants of this project, especially:
Steve La Cerra, Steve Jerome, John Abbott,
David Greenberg, Al Greenwood, Jeff Munzert,
Vinny Conigliaro, Steve Barlotta, Al Pitrelli,
Phyllis Falletta, Robert Randazzo, Richie Levoi, Stephen P. DiSanti, Eric Blackwood,
Hortencio Gomes, Wayne Olsen, Rosita Chan-Vicelich, John Maier, & Janice Foti.

Track 1 (as well as this entire release) -
dedicated to Daniel Grayling Fogelberg
Track 5 - inspired by The Beatles
Track 6 - for the groupies
Tracks 13,18 - based on the writings of
Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle
Track 14 - dedicated to Elvis Presley
& Eddie Cochran

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© 2009 Wreckords Records release, Brooklyn, NY.
All songs ASCAP. All rights reserved. Lyrics used by permission. Unauthorized duplication subject to applicable laws. Contains previously released material. Some music originally recorded on analog equipment, please note a CD's high resolution can reveal limitations of the source tape. (CLSNFLP2)

Video Credits: "Music Man" (A.J. Foti) - 3:11
version - as appeared 1996 from Anthony J. Foti EP "Fourword" Produced by: Nationwide Digital / Channel 500 Studios, Staten Island, NY
Mastered by: Falletta/Olsen Studios, Brooklyn, NY Digital Mastering & Editing: Wayne Olsen
Directed by: Anthony J. Foti
Cinematography: Frederick D. Foti & Anthony J. Foti
Concept & Editing: Anthony J. Foti
Filmed entirely on location: Brooklyn, NY.
Special guest star & dedicated in loving memory to:
Misha Foti
Copyright 2010 Wreckords Records Video release, Brooklyn, NY. ASCAP. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication subject to applicable laws. CLSNFV2

Website Credits:
Web Host: Netfirms
Web Master: Anthony J. Foti
Web Consultants:
Henry McDonagh III & Gregory C. Blackshear
Web Designer: Anthony J. Foti

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