The Wreckords Records Story:

Wreckords Records was created in Brooklyn, NY in 1994 by Anthony J. Foti & Eric Blackwood (New York City singer/songwriters) to feature & track local New York musicians' releases. About a year after the company's inception, Blackwood left the firm to pursue other interests, leaving Foti to run the company since. Wreckords Records (a NYS S Corporation) is a recognized publishing firm of ASCAP & Foti is a member both as a songwriter & the record company's President. This Brooklyn, NY based company is a "Drug Free Record Label" with the slogan: "Just Say No To Drugs Always!" printed on every release.

As President of Wreckords Records, Foti studied at Pace University for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Studies (class of 1989, Summa Cum Laude, Valedictory graduate) receiving a Concentration in Musical Studies from its Dyson School of Arts & Sciences with a 4.0 G.P.A. This study included: history of jazz, history of rock & roll, music theory, songwriting & classical appreciation. Foti has worked as a morning DJ for WPUB, 640 AM, guest starred on Manhattan College Radio, & formed the professional disc-jockey service, Skyline Sounds. He has been the President of TEMPO, Pace's music club, producing shows for charities including the United Way, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy & the Lighthouse for the Blind while performing for four years at the Schimmel Center for the Arts in Manhattan (home of James Lipton’s Inside the Actors Studio). As the president of TEMPO, he organized all musical events for the university: recruiting its talents, public relations, publicity, rehearsal & performance.

Personally, he has played the Village scene from Kenny's Castaways to The Bitter End, been featured on WWOR-TV UPN 9, had articles spotlighting his writing & performance appear in newspapers & magazines from New York to Switzerland, has been commissioned to sing the National Anthem at varied political fundraisers, including accompaniment by renown New York Yankees/Rangers organist Eddie Layton, has sat in, performing jazz classics, with Louie Prima's & Sammy Davis, Jr.'s legendary guitarist / mandolinist / trombonist Joe "Matty" Maranzino, has worked with Terry King of Drifters & Temptations fame, & has done freelance vocal work with songwriter Alan Baboff (Chaka Khan) & for famed NYC Broadway/TV/Film Score Producer Michael Kingsley.

After graduation from college, the concentration of crafting this smaller Indie Label to produce independent albums for New York based acts went forward. Historically, the label has released work by the progressive acoustic duo “Blackwood & Foti,” Foti's pop solo work, as well as the New York based singer/songwriter rock band, “CLOSENUF.” The recordings of Wreckords Records have been offered solicitation by noted entertainment attorneys Eve Nelson (sister of Judd Nelson) & the firm of Jacobson & Colfin (attorneys for Toni Braxton & Johnny Winter), as well as CPI Talent Exposure Services, Amerecord Records, Rodell Records, Wright Stuff Records, Sexy Killer Records, ANTV, North Coast Stars, Nextposure, Octobertunes, Black Rose Productions, Bill Jerome Promotions, Pic Hitz Entertainment, & Big Noise Promotions, granting the label the opportunity to showcase for major labels.

Appearing on Wreckords Records releases are: Drummer Vinny Conigliaro (who has toured with Joe Lynn Turner & Joe Satriani), Guitarist Al Pitrelli (most noted for his work with Asia & Alice Cooper), Guitarist Jeff Munzert (from Jim Messina's troupe), Saxophonist 'Screamin' Steve Barlotta (musical director for Gary U.S. Bonds), Saxophonist Robert Randazzo (composer for Marvin Hamlisch), Award Winning Coloratura Soprano Phyllis Falletta (The Metropolitan Opera Co), Producer Dave Greenberg (background vocalist for Van Morrison & the leader of the Woodstock band Sly Boots), Producer Al Greenwood (keyboardist for Foreigner), Producer John Abbott (whose credits include Dionne Warwick & Jim Stafford), Producer Steve Jerome (whose credits include Neil Diamond, Simon & Garfunkel, The SugarHill Gang, The Left Banke, & many others), & Producer Steve 'Woody' La Cerra (EQ Magazine editor, & soundman for Blue Oyster Cult).

Noted accomplishments for this Indie Label include: From Blackwood & Foti's June 1994 EP release, "Haunted Memories," on 9/14/94, Foti's composition "In The Eyes Of The Rose (The Jerome Mix)," was released through Bill Jerome Promotions as a single through the Gavin Report. For six weeks, against works by Eric Clapton, Richard Marx & Gloria Estefan, radio stations in Missouri, Wyoming, Kentucky, Georgia, South Dakota & Texas played it on their top 40 play list rotation; from Anthony J. Foti's solo 1996 EP release "Fourword," on 7/15/99, his solo version of his composition, "Music Man (The Barlotta Mix)," won Honorable Mention in the 9th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest; & in September 2004, Foti was named a Semi-finalist in Disc Makers' Northeast Independent Music World Series.

In September 2001, Wreckords Records' current effort, the New York based Singer/Songwriter Rock Band, CLOSENUF, was launched by the label performing live throughout the New York City area attracting a fan base from The Beatles to The Stones, from Dan Fogelberg to Billy Joel (aka “The CLOSENUF Corps”); a multigenerational love-fest of melody & good clean stage oriented Rock & Roll. In April 2005, they released their all original self-titled debut CD "CLOSENUF" to appeal to all from the college kids to the baby boomers. This work was guided in the studio by EQ Magazine editor, & soundman for Blue Oyster Cult, Steve 'Woody' La Cerra, with whom the band continues to collaborate. Foti penned 8 tracks including all new versions of his Fourword work, a New Age instrumental he plays all keyboards on, a spoken word track & 2 new tunes - one hard rock & one classic rockabilly.

With this release, the band has become a staple on the New York City music scene being featured in publications from The Village Voice to 20th Century Guitar Magazine, has appeared on the Joey Reynolds Show on WWOR 710 AM national radio, & received a number of Garageband.com Reviewer Awards. On 10/21/05, CLOSENUF's version of “Music Man (The La Cerra Mix)” was placed on the ballot for nomination for a 2006 GRAMMY AWARD for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists! And on 7/26/06, CLOSENUF's music video was nominated by The Independent Music Conference Committee (Philadelphia, PA) for the 2006 IMMIE Award (Independent Music Award) for Best Indie Music Video of the Year, & on 8/17/06, by DigiFestival (Milan, Italy) for an Absolute Winner 2006 Edition Award (ranking 7th overall in International Voting – in the top 6%), which Foti conceptualized, story boarded & co-produced! Also in Sept. 2006, members of CLOSENUF appeared on Philadelphia Radio on The Dr. Lou's House of Blues Radio Show on WNJC 1360 AM.

On 11/6/06, Wreckords Records & Pic Hitz Entertainment jointly released CLOSENUF music for U.S. National CHR/Pop (Contemporary Hit Radio) & AAA (Adult Album Alternative) airplay to radio stations coast to coast, with 3rd quarter 2006 & 1st quarter 2007 airplay resulting across New Mexico, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky & Virginia! On 12/4/06, CLOSENUF was asked to perform in The Original Sessions National Band Search Series Competition in NYC competing for 3 rounds! On 2/10/07, CLOSENUF was chosen to perform in The 2007 Goodstock Festival in July 2007 in Summersville, WV promoted by Artie Kornfeld of Woodstock fame.

On 3/12/07, members of CLOSENUF filmed an interview to be aired summer 2007 on The Media Factory Show on PATV, Ch. 15 in Enfield, CT, with the station subsequently choosing the band's tune "Buy The Boat" from their album, to appear on Netshows TV Soundtrack Unique Series Program Compilation #11 released by airing.. On 5/25/07, CLOSENUF was chosen to perform in The 14th Annual Long Island Music Festival run by Good Times Magazine. On 7/2/07, CLOSENUF was asked to perform in the 2007 M.E.A.N.Y. Fest in NYC. During 2007, Wreckords Records with CLOSENUF proudly participated in (& in some instances coordinated) fundraisers to benefit Katrina Victims, Cerebral Palsy, Organ Transplant & Hunger Awareness & St. Jude Children's Hospital raising thousands of dollars for the various causes.

In January 2008, Wreckords Records signed rights & clearances for usage of various CLOSENUF compositions from their Album for the Soundtrack Score, in the Spring 2008 Independent Film Festival Documentary Entry “American Pop Culture: Going Against the Grain.” On 4/1/08, CLOSENUF proudly co-sponsored (along with Prudential Insurance Co., & more) The 2008 Bay Currents Newspaper – YourNews.com Brooklyn Cutest Kid Contest. On 5/1/08, CLOSENUF was requested to participate in The 2008 Make Music New York Festival co-sponsored by Time Out New York Magazine (with repeated returns in 2014 & 2015); & on 5/26/08, Wreckords Records proudly co-sponsored with RockCanRoll (a hunger relief organization collaborating with rock concerts to collect canned & non-perishable food for local food pantries) an outdoor CLOSENUF Concert at The Woodstock Trading Company's Great Lawn in Cherry Hill, NJ to benefit local agencies that assist families who live with hunger or in poverty. And on 7/23/08, CLOSENUF was chosen as Semi-Finalists in Disc Makers' Northeast Independent Music World Series making Foti's second appearance in this competition at this level!

Like most projects of such extended life, some member shifts are inevitable, but on the 15th anniversary of the record label, they celebrated with a June 2009 LP release, “CLOSENUF…to a new beginning” (with a second printing in 2103), capturing all of Foti’s writing & lead vocals from the band’s established repertoire, as well as new selections with the fresh sounds of the current line-up (as always, all talented NY Musicians in their own right), as well as alternate mixes of fan favorites with special guest players. In August 2009, Mojo Alt 94.1FM Radio 2 in Macedonia, Europe started spinning tracks regularly from the release, & on 9/27/09, 2 cuts “Alive Forever (The Jerome Mix)” & “At Night (The La Cerra Mix)” were both simultaneously Placed on the Ballot for Nomination for a 2010 GRAMMY AWARD for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals, the project’s second & third placement as GRAMMY Ballot Entrants! In October 2010, Foti was given his own 1 Hour Special on Blog Talk Radio on NYC’s Roman Midnight Music Show focusing on his career.

On 10/20/10, 2 more cuts “Music Man (The La Cerra Mix)” – its second appearance of GRAMMY recognition - & “Close Enough" were both simultaneously Placed on the Ballot for Nomination for a 2011 GRAMMY AWARD for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals, escalating the project to Five GRAMMY Ballot appearances! In 2009, members of CLOSENUF jammed with The Ox-Bow Incident's guitarist George Napolitano. In the Summer of 2012, members of CLOSENUF had the pleasure of jamming at The Bitter End, NYC with saxophonist Richie Cannata (Billy Joel) & noted actor John Stamos on drums. And in 2016, members of CLOSENUF got to jam with Dino Sachs (aka Dino Sex, The Naked Drummer) from the notorious & often controversial punk innovators “GG Allin & The Murder Junkies.”

On 6/1/12, CLOSENUF released their first cyber-exclusive release: the EP of "...new beginning's" highlights: "CLOSENUF...to our universe." On 10/16/12, 2 more cuts "In The Eyes Of The Rose (The Jerome or Ballad Mix)" & "Buy The Boat" were also both simultaneously Placed on the Ballot for Nomination for a 2013 GRAMMY AWARD; & on 10/14/13, 2 more cuts - the uniquely titled "Fertile Green (AAB Blues In E)" & the 2 track combo remix of "In Our Universe, The World Is Crying" were also both simultaneously Placed on the Ballot for Nomination for a 2014 GRAMMY AWARD; all 8 recognitions from 2010-2014 for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals, escalating the project to NINE GRAMMY Ballot Appearances in 8 years! Shortly thereafter, Zest Radio, Rocker's Dive Radio & Digital Revolution Radio picked up "The World Is Crying" for their regular rotation. On 11/15/13, CLOSENUF was nominated for a 2013 LadyLake Indie Music Award for Best Independent Music Artist of the Year! And on 12/7/13, CLOSENUF was chosen to appear in Terra Rising's Independent Music Film Documentary: "Universal MusiCARE: The Music Therapy Experience" to be released 2015.

On 6/10/15, Foti & CLOSENUF released their 4th product, “In The Eyes Of The Rose – The EP” including the single, “In The Eyes Of The Rose (The Americana Mix)” given a fresh take in honor of the true roots of American Music “Country.” Foti brought in guest players for the remix including the international award winning Irish Folk fiddle player Cady Finlayson, as well as Philip Sterk, noted Nashville/Memphis session player on pedal steel guitar. Accompanying the single is 7 other versions for a “true study in song.” With this launch, the act was solicited by The Jacobson Firm for options of movie or TV usage (as being courted by DCM Productions) as well as distribution deals (as being courted by Arabesque Records). And on 10/27/16, “In The Eyes Of The Rose (The Americana Mix)” was placed by The Recording Academy on the Official Ballot for the 2017 59th Annual GRAMMY AWARDS in not one but two categories - Best Country Duo / Group Performance & Best Country Song! With these 10th & 11th GRAMMY nods, this escalates the project to 11 GRAMMY Ballot Appearances in 10 years!

As of 2011, there have been 11 official full time members of CLOSENUF (some born outside of the U.S. having hailed from Peru, Costa Rica, Uruguay & Hungary). Some items of note regarding CLOSENUF material: “In The Eyes Of The Rose,” based on the writings of Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle, has been used as a teaching aid by the French Literature Dept. of Pace University, NY, NY. “The Truth Is Me (Or God Speaks To Man),” (which features the chorus translated into Latin for the “Angel” coloratura soprano’s appearance), being based on the premise of spiritual reawakening, has been used as a teaching aid at Edward B. Shallow JHS, Brooklyn, NY.

And on 12/1/15, Loveable Lola, LLC, a company which creates & markets cartoon doggies that spread inspirational messages & releases children’s music has acquired multiple compositions from Foti’s catalog & published them as part of their 2015 album & video releases “Loveable Lola – Songs To Love.” Foti is credited for penning half the album, as well as a Christmas single, in addition to lending vocal, percussion, production (co-producing with producer Nick Price (Wu Tang Clan/A Tribe Called Quest)), arrangement, video editing & package design duties. The company is part of a 501(c)(3) where sales are scheduled for charitable endeavors, & Foti is taking no proceeds for his works.

In 2018, Wreckords Records is fostering, in the spirit of the 12-step program for addictions & to counter the falsehood that drugs have any place at all in rock n’ roll: MADDA: Musicians Against Destructive Drug Abuse to help parties they encounter in the industry or at performances get clean & sober.

Check out the EPK to end all EPKs, www.CLOSENUF.com for everything CLOSENUF: band member bios, photos, news, reviews, downloads & appearance schedules.

They write it, they play it, they rock it! Musical Perfection? CLOSENUF!

Wreckords Records USA, LLC awaits the investment and backing of the majors to launch its current artists into a future both fiscally and musically beneficial to all parties involved.

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